Smart Substation

Improving power quality, reliability and load profile

The number of distributed energy resources and new appliances with power electronics in the distribution grid rapidly grows. This leads to power quality problems and power flow fluctuations.

An Intelligent MV/LV Distribution Station is designed and tested that maintains power quality and reliability in an economic way.

Because of the increasing penetration of dispersed generation and developments in the power demand, the power flows in LV and MV distribution grids will increasingly fluctuate in the near future. To manage these fluctuations while maintaining power quality and reliability, a Smart MV/LV-station has been designed by a Dutch consortium.

A prototype of this station has been built and is being tested. Tests will take place both in the Flex Power Grid Lab in Arnhem (NL) and in a live test grid of the Dutch grid operator Liander. Results of the lab test and the live grid demonstration are expected between Q3-2009 and Q1-2010. First simulation results show a significant reduction of harmonic voltages and resonances, as well as a peak load reduction of 30%.

Change in electricity demand and supply

  • Higher simultaneous peak demand
  • More power electronics equipment
  • More renewable energy and distributed generators